Mechanical engineering. made in germany.

Mechanical engineering

We are a decades-long trendsetter and market leader for innovative systems in the field of pharmaceutical and medical applications. Our strength lies in transforming our customers' new tasks into groundbreaking plant solutions. Together with our existing expertise in a wide range of nonwovens we are also a competent partner when it comes to working with you to explore new process steps for your product manufacturing and transforming them into innovative filter products. - We will be happy to advise you!

Pleating machines

Our Pleatmaster is designed for a wide range of applications. It shines with excellent pleat height consistency over a wide temperature range. The available working width ranges from 600 mm to 3,200 mm.

Its electronically adjustable pleat height range is from 5 to 104 mm (standard) or 5 to 153 mm (optional). With the aid of so-called pleating programs, different sequences of folds, such as "W" and "M" folds, as well as more complex patterns if required, can be specified by the user. By loading alternative pleating programs, the machine automatically retools itself so that the respective pleating sequence can be produced.